Mailing Lists

  • vanlug-announce The VanLUG Announcements list. Important announcements regarding VanLUG events, etc. (Temporarily unused.)
  • vanlug The general discussion list. Discussions regarding Linux, VanLUG or other relevant topics.
  • VanLUG Offtopic A place where anything not relating to Linux and Open Source can be discussed.
  • VanLUG Steering Group The VanLUG Steering Group list. Discussions regarding ongoing VanLUG organizational topics.

News Groups

  • VanLUG Announcements This is an announcements only newsgroup, and does not carry any other news or dicsussion.
  • VanLUG General Discussion This is the full VanLUG general mailing list in newsgroup form. All announcements and discussions can be found within.